One-on-One Services

Individual Style Consultation – $200 (1.5 hours)
Discover what you need to know about finding the right clothes for your body. You will receive a customized consultation that will reveal your body type, proportions and style personality. Included in the appointment is a 24-page guide that details the four main body types along with the do’s and don’ts for dressing each body type, outlining everything you need to know about dressing your body. After the body analysis, we discover your style personality. Your style personality is how you express yourself to the world through your wardrobe choices. You will receive a 16-page guide that details each of the six style personalities and describes the various elements of each personality.

Color Consultation – $250 (1 hour)
During the color consultation you will discover the individual colors that work for you based on your skin tone, eye and hair color. This in-depth color analysis is based on color theory principals yielding customized results. You will receive an 8-page color guide, a customized color swatch palette of 70+ colors with carrying case, giving you the do it yourself tools needed to create outfits that complement your personal coloring.

Closet Sweep – $75 per hour
Out with the old, tired, and ill fitting clothing and in with your new wardrobe. Eliminate the time you spend in the morning trying to find something to wear. Everything that doesn’t fit goes away and what stays are the items that work on your body right now. We start the process of building a core wardrobe, allowing you to spend less time finding something to wear and more time being creative and showcasing your personality. You will receive a shopping companion which will list items that need to be added to your core wardrobe, making future purchases an investment rather than a gamble.

Wardrobe Concierge Services -$75 per hour
Shopping companion, personal shopper or personal stylist for an upcoming event, whatever the need is I am here to help. Whether you are an overloaded mom or an overworked executive, I aim to make your life easier. No task is too little or too big for me to take on. Just let me know how I can help!